Viviendo desde nuestro corazón


Do you know how to access the language of your heart so you can tap into your heart’s wisdom?

The recent discovery of the “little brain” in the heart—a collection of sensory neurons that think, remember and learn independently from the neurons in our brain—now gives new meaning to the role that heart-intelligence can play in our lives. The state of harmony that we create for ourselves in heart-brain coherence accesses what’s true for us in the moment in any situation. Rather than thinking through a list of pros and cons or weighing out the probability that an experience of the past will repeat itself in the present, our heart-intelligence knows instantly what’s true and meaningful for us.

In the second free video from my video series, Living from the Heart: The Next Step of Evolution, I share two simple steps to help you get in tune with your heart intelligence. The heart is where deep intuitive wisdom can be found in all times and in all situations.

Access Your Heart’s Intelligence in 2 Simple Steps
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If you missed the first free video in this series, you can watch it now to learn how every decision you make is affected by how you answer one simple question.
The Most Important Question You Could Ever Answer
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I’ll be sharing two more free videos in the next few days. I invite you to share what experiences you have after watching these videos. Also, I encourage you to share this free series with friends and family members who recognize the challenges we face today and who are ready to create a new story.

In Deep Gratitude,
Gregg Braden

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