Gran Traductor: Zel Saccani


As another year flies to an end, I’m reminded of the German saying:
Man trifft sich zweimal im Leben.” [Roughly, “Some day, we’ll meet again.”]
Until that time, I wish you continued health, happiness and prosperity, and I hope to work together sometime in the near future. 

I am a licensed Florida and D.C. attorney and a certified Florida and Texas court interpreter who has owned and operated a translation company ( since October 2000. I am also certified in the Spanish to English combination (see stamp below) by the American Translators Association ( I work from various Western European languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German) into English, and from English into Spanish. I prepare all work myself (no subcontractors), and specialize in legal and business documents for use in commercial transactions, arbitration, litigation and immigration cases. I wish you a very successful end to 2018, and a pleasant holiday season!

Regards, Zel
Zel Saccani, JD
Saccani Legal and Business Translations
16107 Kensington Drive, #200Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Telephone: (956) 465-8282
Fax: (800) 910-8470

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