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UNAM Chicago April Events
As we move into spring, we welcome the term with new activities, culture events, workshops and courses.
The evolution of our institution structure has continued and we have underlined our commitment to promote culture and education.

Yoga in Spanish workshop
Join us and learn about the benefits of yoga, as well as some basic relaxation techniques and meditation to manage stress, strengthen the nervous system and balance your emotions.
Spanish as a Second Language

This program offers three levels of proficiency into eight 30-hour intensive courses: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Spring term starts soon.

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Sculpture exhibit: El triunfo de la Lucha by Gogy Farias.

Examine the artist’s techniques,  and the nature of her sculpture pieces in this exhibit by the Mexican artist Gogy Farias.

Exhibit will run from April 3 to April 18.Learn more >
Expert Connection Educational new series UNAM Chicago and River North Business Association

Learn about tequila from its birth through the distillation process and the historic evolution of  this mystical spirit.

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Videoconferencia: El poema de largo aliento: Gorostiza y Paz.

Conferencia que impartirá el Dr. Eduardo Casar los días 31 de marzo, 2, 7 y 9 de abril
en la Sala Carlos Chávez del Centro Cultural Universitario y será transmitido por videoconferencia en nuestro campus.

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Conferencias: Un siglo de Cultura en México.

Serie de conferencias impartidas en el Centro de Estudios Para Extranjeros impartidos a través de videoconferencia en nuestro campus.

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